Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Cynical Generalization Based on a Comment Heard in Passing

I was on campus a couple days ago and noticed a guy and a girl (She attired in what appeared the Hot Topic spring catalogue, he in conventional frat boy standard issues) yelling at each other on the admin lawn. Didn't catch much of the diatribe other than the part where he called her "Sexist." I had never observed a guy call a girl sexist before (except perhaps ironically), and what piqued my attention even more was the fact that he uttered the above descriptive while wearing a T-shirt with the phrase "Man Whore" flamboyantly italicized on its front.

Maybe this is incidental evidence that the only real change that comes from the eradication of societal gender roles is the imitation by either sex of each other's traditional vices. Talk about disappointment; I mean, c'mon, just when men were getting good at the whole sexism gig.

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The wanderer A said...

What do you expect out of our piers today? I mean, you can obviously see the kind of quality people the greek system is putting out...