Monday, April 23, 2007

10 Classes of Irritating People

I Hope None Are Offended

1) Tanning Salon Patrons.

2) People who combine the activities of walking, breakfasting and text messaging.

3) People whose pronunciation of the word "liberal" is phonetically equivalent to L-E-B-R-H-U-L.

4) The guy who invented the Faux Hawk.

5) Womens' Studies majors who are themselves not women.

6) Guys who bring up the subject(s) of Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell or Debbie Harry at parties in order to get some action.

7) Girls who bring up Fugazi, Joe Strummer or Rocket From the Crypt for the same reason.

8) Anyone who has ever unironically uttered the phrase, "I personally prefer Joyce's earlier work."

9) Anyone who has ever referred to Slam Poetry as "An increasingly viable mode of self expression."

10) Documentarians.


Lincoln Davis said...

Agreed on many of these, though I don't think No. 4 is a class of persons (nor that he was such a bad guy).

Thomas Banks said...

I expected such a response from the likes of you.

The said...

You forgot Michael Moore fans, and people who talk about "raising awareness."