Sunday, February 1, 2009

Epitaph on One Who Lived to See His Work's Monument

"...Video Mihi Nunc Frustra Sumptum Esse Laborem."

What was the building of his broken hands,
Itself lies broken, strength of stature thence
Fallen in time. He, in death's afterlands,
Discovered late his labor's vain expense.


Chad Honsinger said...

Not quite sure on the latin.. But one of the most powerful renderings of vanity in poetry. In a short space the shadows of the underworld hangs over you. I like it.

Thomas Banks said...

The Latin's a line from Catullus: "Now do I see my work to be vain cost." (I more or less usurped it for my last line)

And thanks for dropping in. Hope Moscow sees something of you this spring.