Monday, May 5, 2008


I've been feeling benificent lately. Sadly, in my case this expresses itself more in words than in works. So I wrote this stanza, the form of which I stole from Swinburne's "The Triumph of Time," another great poem that nobody reads. I haven't mastered the form yet, but give me time.

I say no more than should need be said
In the passing light as a parting word:
God keep you, and blessings cover your head,
Your watchword His unrusting double edged sword;
And while the years drive down as the rain,
Overflowing from urns of mirth and of pain,
And falling alike on the quick and the dead,
Grace go with thee, and God be your guard.

-Thomas Banks-


Justin said...

Keep up the good work Tom, these are great!

Thomas Banks said...

Thanks, Justin. Good to hear from you.