Friday, August 31, 2007

The Penance Absolute

Another 15 minute poem. Hope you like. Am not sure about the 7th line.

In cruciform appointment, there outsplayed
Was He pierced for our portion,
Second Adam's holy person
Transfixed for trespass else than His, but paid

The pardoning in full; all other spill
Of saints self-fancying in self-drawn measure
Were pittance to that Godspilled sanguine treasure
That fed the soil of Calvary's fertile hill.

-Thomas Banks-


Justin said...

I like it, criticism I am not able to offer however... forgive me.

Jeff Moss said...

It's hard for a poem about the Crucifixion to avoid being sentimental and trite, but this one does a decent job.

"...all other spill.../Were pittance to that Godspilled sanguine treasure." Wonderful!

Thomas Banks said...

Thanks both. I think I generally work better when I'm consciously adhering to the form or style of a proven poet (Gerard Manley Hopkins in this case). Appreciate the word.