Thursday, August 30, 2007


May fortune without falter on thee shine,
From thee her countenance never remove;
And in your person virtue stand unshamed,
Unmarred thy love.
May all the graces thee companion, 'till
Tacet-fallen, earth close you in her tomb-
'Till then, may Wisdom's seven-pillar'd house
For thee be home.
-Thomas Banks-


Thomas Banks said...

Actually, make that "Wisdom's Seven-pillar'd house." Slightly more on the money.

Jeff Moss said...

To paraphrase Tertullian...

What has Fortune to do with Virtue?

(Does it not seem odd to you to juxtapose these in a single stanza of blessing?)

Thomas Banks said...


Next to nothing. Thing is, I wrote this in about five minutes, so I can't promise much in the way of thematic perfection.

Thomas Banks said...

Though in my own defence, I should say that the poem doesn't suggest that the one is the result of the other.

greenacres said...

Loved this one.

Thomas Banks said...

Muchas Merci.