Monday, July 2, 2007

The Pagan and the Tree

Strike the root and sever the vine,
That the red fruit wither, so let it be-
Whose pendant weight bends over us,
Who stand below the tree.

Full fed were we from long before,
Much mindful of the apple taste-
To take remorseful rest to feed
Were nought to us but waste.

Split the vine, and smite the root,
We fed before on food less base-
Tear down, untasted leave the fruit,
Untouched the clustered grace.

-Thomas Banks-


Angie said...

Very nice; great summary of Jonah.

Thomas Banks said...

Thanks. When I wrote this, I actually hadn't even thought of any relation it might bear to Jonah sitting in the shade outside Ninevah, but now that you mention it. . .