Monday, July 16, 2007

Catullus' Complaint to an Ignorant Patron, Who Preferred Another's Verses to His Own

Often, and with eager mind
I sought songs which to you I sent,
Whereby I'd find your favor, if
You might their measures not resent.

I see my efforts are in vain,
And Gallius' rise my denegration-
Damn you, your troubling dart I scorn,
And yet shall have my compensation.

-Rendered from the Latin by Thomas Banks-


Andrew Michael Jacobs said...

Tom, forgive me for writing on the wrong post.

"10. God. n. The Death of Questions."

I find this idea thoroughly enjoyable. I have in prayer considered how nagging questions really are and how on the final Day, God will be all in all and the questions will be gone. Praise Him for the Final Day. Have you written more on this topic than the 6 words above?

Thomas Banks said...


No, I haven't. But I'm very glad you found the sentiment enjoyable. In retrospect, I was thinking that I should (and I will) give it a more thorough explanation. It looks a bit precarious as it so lies.

Appreciate your comment,