Friday, September 14, 2007

Why Dualism Doesn't Work, in 100 Words or Less

When we posit a dualistic function at the center of things, we invariably do so with the understanding that on the one side we have some chaotic force and on the other an opposing motion towards harmony and oneness. But the very fact that their relationship is contentious invites the conclusion that the universe has violence at its center, and therefore, the chaotic force has shown itself dominant, or at least more compatable with nature, and harmony has to go and scowl in the corner.

Or am I full of it?


Justin said...

I think that you are right; that dualism leads to some sort of oneness. But instead of looking at the chaotic force as winning, you could see chaos and harmony coming together as one to form a unity. (at which point you cease to have a dualism).
"Things taken together are whole and not whole, [something which is] being brought together and brought apart, in tune and out of tune; out of all things there comes a unity, and out of a unity all things. "
"What is opposed brings together; the finest harmony (harmonia) is composed of things at variance, and everything comes to be in accordance with strife."
"changing it rests."

Thomas Banks said...

Or also famously "Out of Chaos comes Order."